Cheap Home Automation Ideas in 2017!

Home automation and “cheap” are two clauses that sound ridiculous when you put it together. And the reason is that most people think about a monstrous price when they think of home automation. While their thoughts are not entirely wrong, we can, however, find ways around it to get our affordable home automation.

If you are considering going into home automation, then you should not be looking at a guy like Bill Gate because he is a multi-billionaire and can afford to pay a ridiculous amount of money on consultation fees, designs, and installation fees but you most definitely can not afford all those. So what is the way out?

Ways to get cheap home automation.

To begin with, you don’t necessarily need to automate the whole of your home from the get go. You can start from some aspects of your home like security and lighting then you can spread across to other aspects of your home. Doing that will help you manage your costs according to your budget.

Asides from doing your home automation one step at a time, you can also get some gadgets that are not pricey and start off your home automation. Even though there are a slew of products on the market that promise to give you cheap home automation or what is referred to as DIY home automation, there are just a few of these products that you can trust. Let’s now turn our attention to a few of these products that can help you realize your dream of a cheap home automation.

cheap home automation

Devices That Can Help You Achieve Cheap Home Automation.

D-Link Wireless Smart Plug: This small gadget is a plug that can make any existing appliance a smart device. All you have to do is plug it into the D-link and download the plug’s corresponding on the Apple or Android store, sign up and you can control your devices from anywhere in the world given that you have a smartphone and internet connection thereby turning your home into a smart home. A beautiful thing about this $40 gadget is that it also helps you protect your overheating devices and also offers scheduled on/off for people that might be planning on a vacation soon. We can all agree that this system can help you transform your home from a manually operated one to one where everything runs on automation at a low price. For just $40, you can have a taste of what other people are spending millions to install. I think this plug is a bargain.

Honeywell 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

Is it possible to get intuitive climate control in your home even if you are working on a budget? The answer is a resounding YES! The Honeywell thermostat makes temperature control in your home an easy job. You can put this thermostat into use with an extensive range of heating or and cooling systems that include multi-stage and single, gas fires, heat pumps that work with or without auxiliary heat and cooling or heating only systems. All you have to do is plug in your devices to the thermostat system, and you can program the heating/cooling of your home for seven days straight. Admittedly, it doesn’t have some of the high-end functionality of the new range of smart thermostat devices, it, however, connects to Wifi and has both Android and iOS apps that allow you to remotely control it as well as read feedbacks from the device. Coming at about $75, this budget thermostat can help you on your way to cheap home automation.

WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set

This smart light starter kit comes with two bulbs and a WeMo link connector that allows you to add up to 50 bulbs if you want (each bulb costs less than 20 dollars). For someone that is starting out in home automation, this kit is a perfect one for you to start your automation; connect your Wemo link connector and your bulbs, then subsequently download the WeMo app on your device store and you are well on your way to smart lighting. With the Wemo app, you have the option of turning your lights on and off from any part of the world as well as scheduling your lights to come on and off at given intervals during the day or night which is handy for when you are on that trip to Hawaii.

LAYKOR Automatic Touch-Free Lavatory Bathroom Sink Sensor Faucet, Chrome

If you are someone that is very conscious of your health (like you should be), and you are wary of the kind of germs that toilet taps hold, then this $56 touchless faucet is for you. It has sensors that automatically detects when you put your hand towards the tap and dispenses water for you to wash your hands. This amazing faucet not only helps save you from germs, but it also saves you money and water! Hey, who doesn’t want to save water?

Like I said earlier, it is not a must for you to begin your home automation process by investing hugely in it. You can choose from any one of the above devices and start your cheap home automation process and then you can add as many other devices as you can afford as you go along the way. As I like to tell my friends, it is not an excellent idea to invest heavily in smart devices that might become obsolete tomorrow, so why not invest in a few today and then upgrade to newer ones as they come out? No brainer right?

Seriously, though, even if you choose to invest in the four products that I have suggested above, you’d still be spending a whole lot less than $500 and even $500 is very cheap when it comes home automation setup. You can also look into other DIY home automation products that are available at very affordable prices. Remember, it is possible for you to get cheap home automation and you don’t necessarily need to go broke to go smart!


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