Minka Aire Wall Control Instructions and Review (WC212)

Using handheld remotes and wall remotes is an excellent way to conserve energy, save money and guarantee comfortability and the Minka Aire WC212 wall control is one of Minka’s effort at trying to guarantee you this assurances. With this wall switch that comes with the option of an add-on remote, you can blend the control of your light and fan seamlessly. With a device that allows you to adjust your lights intensity, as well as giving you the option of remotely controlling the speed of your fan even to the extent of affording you the luxury of reverse speeding, you can agree with me, that the heat will never be on you to explore more options again. The wall control gives you the option of three-speed levels and as earlier said, allows you to increase and decrease the intensity level of your lights

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What Are the features of the Mink Aire Wall control?

Every product has features that stand it out from the rest products; an outline of the functions and functionality of the given product, and the Mink Aire wall control is no different. Let’s take a look at some of the features that this product comes with,

  1. Fan speed control that includes three-speed levels
  2. Light intensity control
  3. Operates at the distance of about 40 feets
  4. Comes with a 12 volts battery
  5. Can function fluidly with Mink wireless remote

Design and Control Instructions of the Minke Aire Wall Control

The wall control is designed in a rectangular shape with a screw at the top and the bottom respectively. The major control area is the wall control itself also rectangular, firmly fixed into the bigger rectangle that holds it to the wall.

The remote control has a set of buttons, and we will now proceed to discuss the buttons and their functions.

  1. ●●●

This key is used to select the speed of the fan. The three dots represent the three-speed levels of the fan which include low speed, medium speed, and high speed

This button is used to turn the fan off.

  1. A symbol that looks like an “8.”

Pressing and releasing this button will help turn your plugged in the bulb on or off. But pressing and holding it will help you adjust the brightness and dimness of the light. The button also has a smart function that will allow your lights to resume at the light level it was before you switched it off.

  1. A button with a symbol that looks like the “refresh” symbol: This button is used to change the direction of the fan. When you put it in a forward mode, it is perfect for warm weather while the reverse will do well in a cool weather
  2. The On and off switch: This shuts down the fan and bulbs.

Pros of the Minke Aire Wall Control

The Minke Aire Wall Control comes with its advantages and some of these include:

  1. Convenience
  2. Reverse speed for varying weather
  3. Gives you control over light intensity
  4. Operates at the distance of about 40 feet thereby giving you control over a long distance

Cons of the Minke Aire Wall Control

Every product has its disadvantage and the Minke air WC212 is not left out. Chief among its problems are

  1. It is only compatible with Mink Aire fans
  2. The buttons are small and have no backlight. Therefore, it was difficult to press in the dark

Our Verdict on The Minka Aire WC212

We think that the Minka Aire Wc212 is a good buy, (Check Avability and price on Amazon) but you have to have Minka fans already or be planning to buy one as it only works with Minka fans. We also want to point out that even though some customers who left a review on Amazon complained about the tiny buttons and the lack of a backlight, a majority of them seem to opine that the wall control is a great buy and we agree with them. When put to the test, the Mink Aire wall controller did exactly what it was advertised to; control the fans correctly. It is not a waste of money as you are guaranteed convenience and control over your light intensity. As a side note, if you are looking to start your home automation, you might want to buy this wall control along with its accompanying remote control. With the combination of these two, your comfort is assured.

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