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6 Method to fix Unreachable issue in Philips Hue bulb

When a Philips Hue bulb becomes “unreachable,” it means that the Philips Hue Bridge or the device controlling the bulbs (such as a smartphone or a smart home hub) has lost communication with the bulb. This can happen for several reasons, and there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to address the issue:

Ecobee4 vs Nest, Which Is A Better Thermostat

Smart buyers always compare the best products available in the market before selecting the one that meets their demands perfectly. Recently, the trend of installing smart thermostat has increased. It helps to save energy and reduce the energy costs. No doubt there are several products available in the market that will make selection of the

Best Home Automation System Solutions for Cleaning, Monitoring, Lighting, Gaming

Life is hard as it is. Many people are already living hectic lives when it comes to their jobs and their day to day existence in the society. Therefore, they expect their homes to be a place of comfort; a safe haven that they can retire to with one thing in mind- comfort. Comfort might

Smart Homes Technology: An Introduction to the Future

What is a Smart Home Technology? The concept of the smart home became more recurrent in the public domain as the concept of Internet of things became more popular. The internet of things talks about a world where devices, like humans, can communicate with each other and thereby make workflow between and among each other