Reviews on Smart Home Automated Technology

The world is now progressively more privy to the abilities of having an entire automation system no matter if it’s at the level of personal properties, real estate developments, and motels. In simple form, automation includes components that manage Lighting, Appliances, HVAC, Blinds and Multimedia. As automation is literally of an innovative advancement in the well-known marketplace, one must be privy to the infinite range of underlying technologies that join and authorize for the communication among a consumer and the Light Dimming Systems or Air Conditioning Systems. On the outside, these technologies would seem to produce the identical capabilities, nevertheless within the back-end; they’re one-of-a-kind in doubtlessly catastrophic approaches. This points us to the purpose why this article is been put together, this is, to shed light onto the advantages and drawbacks of the diverse technologies that are available inside the market nowadays.

The technique of verbal exchange among the controller and the modules are the Automation Communication Technology which we want to cope with in this article. The technique of conversation can both be via wires or wi-fi and are generally in line with certain protocols or standards of conversation. This article will discover and evaluate KNX, and X10. The criteria for review which we will explore are the following;

  • Features and Capabilities
  • Investment Protection
  • Reliability of Communication
  • Security of Communication
  • Interoperability
  • Price


KNX is standardized based network communications protocol that allows the combination and programming of more than a few product from many manufacturers using a single software program tool.KNX is the world’s best open standard for building manipulate and automation and was designed in 1990 and also can make most important energy savings of as much as 60%, considerably lowering the carbon footprint of a building. This is definitely green sustainable technology that can be applied to small and large buildings alike.

  • Features and Capabilities: knx has been greater centered on the easy facility of automation and commonly fits in lodge environments wherein customization and multimedia integration isn’t always required
  • Investment Protection : yes
  • Reliability of Communication : yes
  • Security of Communication: yes
  • Interoperability: yes
  • Price : no


X10 a global oriented technology and an open enterprise sector developed in 1975 by Pico Electronics of Scotland, which makes use of power line wiring for signaling and management of home gadgets, in which the signals carries short radio frequency bursts signifying digital facts. On the other hand, it experiences some troubles which include incompatibility with installed wiring and home equipment, interference, decelerated speeds, and limitations on encryption.

  • Features and Capabilities: This technology can easily be installed into PC based systems and lots of options are available to render feature rich capabilities for residential applications.
  • Investment Protection : yes
  • Reliability of Communication:   Since it is at risk of interference from lots of assets like transformers, motor usually located in Television sets, washing machines, and many others. Also, signals from Controller to Devices are in no way mentioned so there’s no 2-way conversation.
  • Security of Communication: If an externalparty gain access to the power line of a house, signals can easily be delivered to the control should the external party choose to.
  • Interoperability: yes
  • Price : yes


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